For me, music is an essential element for navigating our complicated world. In my life, it has been the constant thread that connects all of the things and people that I cherish the most. At times, it plays gently in the background, and in particularly challenging moments, it roars to life and is the very air that allows me to remain afloat. 

Throughout life, we are presented with gifts - the physical attributes we’re born with, God-given talent, and very importantly, the tremendous gifts handed down by mentors along the way. I think that it is so important to honor those gifts, share them, and pass them on to enrich the lives of others. That is my true desire in this studio - to take the wisdom that I was so fortunate to absorb over the years and hopefully use it to enrich the lives of others as a way of giving back. 

The only promise that I will make to my students is that I will honestly and wholeheartedly work to help them achieve their goals as a performer. I don't pretend to have all of the answers or that I can sing or teach anything and everything. I don't guarantee parts, college placement, or status, and I certainly do not promise to make anyone into a STAR! But together, we will sharpen your vocal technique, along with a strong focus on song performance and auditioning.

Perhaps the most important goal that I have for myself and my students alike, is to develop LIFELONG singers with HEALTHY singing technique that will lead to a long and satisfying career. Though my background and university BFA degree is in Musical Theatre performance, I have enjoyed maintaining a solid focus on classical singing, and feel that a well-rounded and broad approach to repertoire is best for any singer.

The techniques that I teach are designed to promote relaxed, easy, yet powerful singing, and they transcend genres. Whether you are singing a pop song or an opera aria, these building blocks will absolutely help you find a powerful sound without tension or strain. I focus on a connected, solid tone - a single voice from the bottom to top of a singer's range. I strongly believe that any singer can be conditioned to virtually eliminate the "break" or "passaggio" and can avoid flipping or breaking into an airy "head voice." This "Mix" technique essentially puts into communicable terms the method I've been using personally for years. The research and accreditation that I am pursuing through the International Voice Teachers of Mix has made a significantly positive mark on my own singing voice, and I continue to see steady - oftentimes dramatic - improvement in each of my students.

Thank you for visiting!

Sincerely, Drew Niles

Studio Policies

1. Lessons will be scheduled in "semesters" and will closely resemble a typical school calendar, though lessons may be offered during break periods. Each semester is 16 weekly lessons; Aug-Dec, & Jan-April, and the May-Aug summer semester will be more flexible to accommodate vacation time for students and their families.
2. If a student has another voice teacher, please make a note of that either in writing or in person at or before your first session. 
4. One-on-one lessons are not generally available for children under the age of 10, though exceptions may be granted on a case-by-case basis. 
5. Lessons are scheduled in 60 minute slots. 1/2 hour lessons are not offered at this time, but if you wish to split your hour slot with another student, please note that on your application form or email to see if an accommodation can be made. 
6. A security camera will remain on, and recording throughout each lesson, along with frequent audio recording. This is not only for the security of the studio and its equipment, but also for the safety and peace-of-mind of students and to uphold the integrity of the instructor. For those who are not comfortable with this policy, a parent or guardian must also be present in the studio at all times. 
7. Payments may be made using this website's online platform, in cash, or with a personal check made out to Andrew Niles, or R2 Studio, LLC. Online options include major credit cards, Apple Pay, and PayPal. 
8. Cancellation policy: any missed lesson will lead to forfeiture of the lesson fee unless prior notice of at least 24 hours has been given. Lessons may be made up/rescheduled if the schedule permits, and substitute students are also an option. If the instructor has to cancel for any reason, however, a make-up lesson will be offered. No student will be asked to forfeit her/his fee due to the instructor's absence. 
9. Social Media - Students are welcome to post about their lessons and reference the studio so long as the content is respectful and non-disparaging. Video of weekly lessons will frequently be supplied for the purpose of giving students a more objective view of their technique. These weekly lesson videos are not intended to be "shared" online without the instructor's expressed consent. However, video sessions MAY be specifically commissioned for audition and/or sharing purposes. Such sessions may be subject to a separate service fee. 
10. Parents and siblings are welcome in the studio during lessons as long as the student is comfortable with an "audience." We ask that questions or comments be reserved for the beginning or end of the lesson, however. It is perfectly normal and understandable for a parent to feel the need to interject, answer for their child, or correct behavior, but we respectfully ask that you refrain from speaking or giving non-verbal instructions during your child's session. Singing lessons are only successful if the teacher is able to establish trust and respect with the student, and such interjections are often detrimental to the process. 

Code of Ethics - from the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS)

I. Personal Ethical Standards

  1. I will strive to teach with competence through study of voice pedagogy, musicianship, and performance skills.
  2. I will present myself honestly, in a dignified manner, and with documented qualifications: academic degrees, professional experience, or a combination of both.
  3. I will faithfully support the (NATS) Association and will make every effort to participate in its activities.

II. Ethical Standards Relating to Students

  1. I will respect the personal integrity and privacy of students unless the legal or academic system requires disclosure.
  2. I will treat each student in a dignified and impartial manner.
  3. I will clearly communicate all expectations of my studio including financial arrangements.
  4. I will respect the student's right to obtain instruction from the teacher of his/her choice.
  5. I will offer their best voice and music instruction and career advice to all students under my instruction. I will complete the full number of lessons and amount of time paid for by each student in accordance with studio policies.
  6. I will not make false or misleading statements regarding a student's hopes for a career or guarantees of performances or favorable contracts.